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Staying Alive, 4-channel synched FHD video and sound installation, dimensions variable, 2010/2013

For Staying Alive, I did a performance of digging my own grave and recorded my own heartbeat. The recording was turned into live music notation through computer and the score generated in this way was then given to a percussionist upon which he layered an improvised drum solo inside the dug grave. While a performance of digging one's own grave, the recording and conversion processes of the heartbeat-to-score, and the interdependent actions with the beat of the drummer’s improvisation are distributed separately in the exhibition space, the audience is motivated to reconstruct and reinterpret the relations of the discrete performance actions. The recurring coincidental moments between the beats of sound and score and the biological rhythms of the audience are moments in the work that awaken an intimate consciousness of ‘staying alive.'

Production credit
Director: Ahram Jeong
Landscaping: John Burke, John Letourneau
Performer: Christian Moran, Ryo Noritake, Ahram Jeong
Engineer: Sangzoon(Neo) Parc
Videographer: Lili Chin, Colin Elliot, Bora Kim
Supported by Denniston Hill (www.dennistonhill.org)