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Performance Minimum: The Interview, 2-channel FHD video, sound, approximately 31 minutes loop, 2020

Five interviewees of Performance Minimum: The Interview, who also participated in Performance Minimum I speak about their everyday activities using performance concepts in this interview session. Each interviewee talks about experiences of burning-out and exhaustion, physical and psychological symptoms that follow, being at the limit where one can no longer perform, and another life they envision after, and lastly their own suggestion for a form of ‘performance minimum.’ In this two-channel video installation, the muted footage of the interviewee syncs with the opposite monitor that features another performer who delivers the interviewee’s words through her own voice in a dubbing process.

Production Credit
Artist: Ahram Jeong
Director of Photography: Soomin Kim film crew
Participants: Jungeun Kim, Hanul Kim, Solin Yoon, Susie Lee, Daeun Joo