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An Audience, 5-channel synched FHD video and sound installation, dimensions variables
19' 47'' loop, 2014

The starting point for An Audience is the recording, and subsequent transcription by stenographer, of a lecture titled 'Hit a Home run of Happiness' (2007) by Yoonhee Choi. She is known as the "Happiness Evangelist," a central figure of the 'Happiness Craze' in Korean society. Despite all this, she ended her own life by committing suicide. Based on the idea that the stenographer's typing is similar to the striking of chords on a piano, a keyboard type instrument, the artist transforms the public lecture into piano sounds of discordant harmonies that contain formal characteristics such as speaking speed, rhythm, repetition, pitch, etc., while limiting its literal meanings and narratives by this methodology. Responding to the sounds, participants are then asked to perform the task of clapping their hands. In this context, clapping is not only a responsive act of the audience but also an act of subjective interpretation through bodily movement that shows one's individuality.

Production Credit for An Audience (2014)
Artist: Ahram Jeong
Director of Photography: Ahram Jeong, Kyunghyun Hwang film crew (second Camera Operator: Sehwan Park, Junseok Oh)
Performer: Jungeun Kim, Hyesook Noh, Hanchan Ryu, Jihoo Ahn, Woohee Cho