Copyright 2021 Ahram Jeong

Are You Happy
2 /3 channel HD video and sound installation, dimensions variables, loop, 2014/2016

Are You Happy consists videos of a professional speaker(from the happiness industry) giving a lecture and of a script in text format that her speech is based on. The script is a combination of 'happiness' quotations from happiness lecturer Yoonhee Choi, known as the "Happiness Evangelist," a central figure of the 'Happiness Craze' in Korean society, and ‘Wellness' statements quoted from individual statements speaking about their own ‘wellness' in posters of ‘Are you well (How are you all doing)' movement- a new student movement that became a nationwide phenomena in 2013. The two repeated words, 'happiness' and ‘wellness', are represented by being replaced with orange and yellow blanks, in the text video. The speaker demonstrates in one session by replacing all the blanks with 'happiness', in the other session with 'wellness.'

Production Credit
Artist: Ahram Jeong
Director of Photography: Kyunghyun Hwang
Performer: Minso Kim