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Peer to Peer, Woman to Woman, Digital videos, toilet paper, wood structure, 2017-2018

The installation Peer to Peer, Woman to Woman, while evoking the cubicle structure of a public restroom (which has become a space of anxiety and surveillance, namely through a series of events based on gender violence and hate crimes), presents a space for potential collaborations by multiplying the contact between individuals who resist the gendered gaze that monitors one’s body in both offline and online spaces.
The projected video inside the installation is produced by scanning the holes in the stalls of a women’s public restroom that are blocked by toilet paper. Inside the installation the audience is asked to ‘block the holes with toilet paper’ to become collaborators in reciprocal care for an individual, by appropriating the acts of the women who fill the holes inside the public restrooms with bits of toilet paper in order to protect themselves and other users from suspected hidden cameras, illegal filming and photography.
The monitors on the outside wall of the cubicle structure show the refilming of existing documentation of anonymous individuals' actions against the gendered, monitoring gaze. Using miniature camera, it resamples existing documentation of women protesters, which is culled from various sources, including YouTube video documentation of public demonstrator in full armor with mask and picket sign, photographic evidence depicting the wearing of mask in a public restroom, video and photography of public protesters wearing masks and picket signs protesting against identification/profiling.