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No More Picture with a Dead Body – Seoul, Live performance, media installation, wall paintings, 2020 (2011)

In this live installation work No More Picture with a Dead Body where participating performers cycle throughout the exhibition period, the heartbeat of a participant lying on circular pedestals triggers the shutter and flash of a camera and the resulting images are projected onto the gallery wall in real time. As the control of the camera is relinquished to the performer’s heartbeat, it randomly captures not the performer’s but the audience’s images. The performer who assumes a paused and inactive state invert our conventional expectation of the centrality of the performer in its relation towards the audience. In this performative situation, the result is a form of evidence of ongoing inter-dependent relationships generated in-between many subjects, the artist, performer/participants, audience, and apparatus. It questions not only the ethics of one’s image production, distribution, and transmission but also the performance of one’s body and apparatus as it is reorganized in the pressure of maximizing efficiency.

Production Credit

Artist: Ahram Jeong

Technical engineers: Eugene Ahn, Sunghun Kim, Sangzoon Park

Participants (Performance Minimum, 2020. 1. 13 - 1. 31/Post Territory Ujeongguk): Hanul Kim, Hyeonjeong Nam, Hyewon Do, Minyoung Park, Bo Kyung Suh, Hyo Been Son, Solin Yoon, Gayoung Lee, Gayoung Lim, Heejae Jung, Heesung Cho, Daeun Joo, Ah Myoeng Joo, Daine Choi, Ye Jin Hong

Participants (This Event, 2020. 8. 12 - 12. 31/Seoul Museum of Art): Geunyeong Kang, Seyun Kang, Kyungmook Kim, Sohee Kim, Jungeun Kim, Jihyeon Gim, Minyoung Park, Minsu Bae, Bokyung Suh, Hyobeen Son, Gayoung Lee, Heejae Jung, Daeun Joo, Sumin Cho, Hyein Cho, Junghwa Choi, Seungha Pyo, Ye Jin Hong