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Attention Exercise: Our Collective Eyes, 3-channel FHD video installation, color, sound, each 9m 26s, 11m 40s, 14m 19s, loop, 2022

Collaborating with three delivery riders working for platforms, ‘Attention Exercise: Our Collective Eyes’ visualizes the riders’ eye movement (visual attention) recorded by wearable device for each single delivery taking place throughout the whole process from beginning to end and spatializes it in exhibition space. The constantly moving focal lines of the riders in mobility not only demonstrate movements synchronized with the conditions and modes of platform work which require them to accomplish the given delivery task within a limited time, but also invite us to discover the life activity of a living body itself that cannot be reduced to productivity in a narrow sense. The work organizes a collective performance of eyes that audience follows the attention of the platform delivery riders.

Participants: Yiseul An (female rider in 30s, worked for 4 years), Rider A (male rider in 40s, worked for 3 years, Rider Union), Rider B (male rider in 40s, worked for 3 years, Rider Union)