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Public Body Protocol, 2-channel FHD video and sound, printed matters, 12:08 loop, 2015/2018 ~ ongoing

In Public Body Protocol, female performers become an ensemble as they stage a performance in a public place. A manual is created from the observed repression of street protests as well as various types of rescue methods. This manual is then interpreted by the female performers’ relative actions as collaborators, transforming it through the reciprocal and mutually assisted contact of bodies. The work forms a social body, questioning the rules and protocols that control one’s body in public spaces and by the public.

The first version of Public Body Protocol was produced in the Bosingak area in Seoul's Jongno district in 2015 and a second version with the amended manuals was produced in the area where the exhibition space Space Willing N Dealing is located.

Video documentation of these performances, which employ two cameras with overlapping views but different perspectives, is presented with manuals. As an ongoing series, Public Body Protocol has the potential of being reinvented, and is open to new contexts and performers.

Production Credit
Artist: Jeong Ahram
Director of Photography: Kim Soomin
Second Camera Operator: Jeong Wook (2015)/ Oh Heewon, Choi Yunjoo (2018)
Performers (2015): Kim Yoonjung, Kwak Jooyoung, Yoon Solin, Lee Minsung, Lim Kayoung, Jeong Ahram
Performers (2018): Kim Bomhee, Kim Yoonjung, Lee Susie, Joo Daeun