Copyright 2021 Ahram Jeong

Performance Minimum I
Full HD video and sound, approximately 15 minutes loop, 2020

Performance Minimum is a project that consists of two works, Performance Minimum I and Performance Minimum: The Interview. The project presents the processes and outcomes of collaborations with artists and cultural workers.
Performance Minimum I is the documentation of a collaborative performance of five participants from different generations. Each participant assumes a pose (a pose they identify with while being in a state of exhaustion, or a pose they take while resting after being burnt out) and then the performers circle around and mark the outline of the person who is posing on the ground while the camera records the scene and interacts with their movements. The once personal moment of resting and state of exhaustion after reaching one’s limit where one can no longer perform is transformed into a shared experience through the process of participation and recording.

Production Credit
Artist: Ahram Jeong
Director of Photography: Soomin Kim film crew
Participants/Performers: Jungeun Kim, Hanul Kim, Solin Yoon, Susie Lee, Daeun Joo